Source of Trump Bashing

Thinking without the handicap of viewing everything through the prism of fantasy greatly increases a person’s ability to instantly pinpoint the source of what would otherwise look like odd behavior.

Surely you have noticed that the democratic party has no leader, no issues and no identifiable agenda. The rank and file keep themselves busy by coming up with anti Trump sound bites. Trump is a racist? He is said to be a racist, homophobe, misogynist, xenophobe, fascist and any other word his critics barely know the meaning of.  Trump is none of these things but in the mean time he is doing many things that will harm the country for years to come. So, why call Trump names and try to undo the election when he is vulnerable on genuine issues?

Observe without indulging in fantasy and the answer is obvious. People vote for and support candidates who validate the fantasies their constituents live by.  Fantasy tells us that there are ways government can force others to like and respect what and who people are even when the mass of society is highly unimpressed. People seldom die in the name of freedom. People are very likely to die defending their fantasies. When fantasies are threatened people panic and turn against who ever is perceived as the instigator. This is the source of the Trump angst.

A winning candidate will validate all who engage in bizarre behavior and promise government will do for them all kinds of things government has no way to do. Oddly, Trump got elected without doing these things.  Who would naturally be the most offended by Donald Trump? It would be the Hollywood crowd. They make fortunes creating fantasies for people. Want to be well liked? Find someone who is wrong, tell them they are right. Then shower them with constant praise for believing a mountain of mindless notions. When candidates do that they get voters for life.





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