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First let me say again that Steve and I are continuing to make videos devoted to teaching principles of natural law and Fantasy Free Economics. The one below is devoted to explaining what is self evident. YouTube has not yet banned us, so I did post this one on YouTube.


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Our political system, economic system system, and way of life has morphed out if its roots.

The problem with our political system is not that it is corrupt. Politics is always corrupt. The difference is that today our political system is 100% corrupt.  Based on that the only possible outcome is the total collapse of the country. Our system is in the process of collapsing right now.

The world’s 100 or so richest citizens, combined have more power than all of the sovereign  countries and their leaders combined. They use this abundance of power to dictate policy to our government and that of most other countries in the world. The result is the same as if would be if a New York crime family was in charge of the world. When two systems generate exact parallel outcomes that is an indication they are both outcomes of the same kind of influence. New York crime families don’t post notices in the media that they exist and are functioning as a crime syndicates. Neither would the consortium that operates the global crime syndicate that is currently holding the world hostage.

Our government is not those who we elect. Our government is those who govern our government. From those  who govern our government we have for profit censorship. What incentives do corporations have to make sure that the population is never exposed to certain ideas they deem harmful to their customers? Such activities have never been engaged in before by corporations or any other businesses. They are not chartered as social service agencies. This is censorship for profit.   All are more profitable when the population is complaint, docile and homogenize.  Expect corporations to do what their corporate charters say they are to do. None of their charters will charge the with providing their customers with safety.

Here are some maladaptive beliefs and behaviors that are lethal to our way of life.

The country Must be united.  Our system is based on principles of democracy. The best way to destroy a democracy is to unite the country. Uniting the country is a step toward authoritative rule. Hitler certainly united Germany in the 1930s.

Complete misunderstanding of how government and leadership works.  Citizens vote according to which candidate they think  will function as some sort of righteous political messiah.  At the political level, there is no such thing as an incentive to serve, even though life is lived on the basis that their is. Is your candidate an advocate of your way of life, as he says he is? No, nothing close. Politician gain their offices out of a desire for personal gain and they achieve personal gain in abundance be it power or money. Citizens look for politicians who will solve their problems. Politicians look for problems to exploit. People will pay enormous sums to have their fears assuaged. The comfort and peace the experience or imaginary.

Complete ignorance as to how markets function. I  am not just citing the American public. I am talking about Gerome Powell, Janet Yellen and all of the other blind economists in the country. Quantitative analysis has always been useless in the study of economics and as a tool. The models are interesting. They clearly show how things work but it is all accounting and has nothing to do with economics.  It is all accounting. Accounting is a skill. I believe it takes more brains than economics. So does quantum physics, medicine and  conducting an orchestra.

The Stock Market is completely rigged. By rigged, I don’t just mean facilitated by the Federal Reserve. The minute by minute chart pattern above is unique to our current trading time frame. In a free market, this pattern never develops. Look and you will see this pattern every single day. The market gaps up or down. If it opens down, prices are stabilized. Mid morning there is a trial rally. If traders are not drawn in immediately, The AlGOs then ratchet prices higher through mid day again followed by another trial rally early afternoon but always bang the close at 3:00 P.M. eastern time. It is always the rally no matter what last hour , bang the close then ensues. That rarely fails but when it does there is no follow through the next morning. It is like the previous trading day never occurred.   The process begins again. Free markets are much more erratic. The prevalence of this pattern only exists in a market that is purposefully moved higher independently of earnings and all economic considerations.

It is almost comical that higher ups are up in arms that retail traders are suddenly creating and profiting from short squeezes. The induced short squeeze is probably the most useful tool our elite stock market market monitors use to fleece traders at all levels on a daily basis.

Freedom is not a natural state. So, humans are born free, but they don[‘t remain free. In the world’s system of dominance and subservience,freedom turns out to be more like a commodity that is bargained away throughout life in return for comfort, safety and security. A small number of people do not use their freedom in this way. So what are they going to do. The masses have never sought freedom as a stand alone goal. It is too valuable as a bargaining tool. Those who value freedom greatly are at a disadvantage. In order to remain free they must impose freedom on others. The question is, will they do that?





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