Should Facebook Face Second Degree Murder Charges?

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Should Facebook face secondary murder charges? In my opinion, yes!

Why, you might ask? Second degree murder charges are routinely filed for lesser reasons. You might also wonder why such a nice pleasant corporation is guilty of second degree murder charges. I am about to explain.

Many more people will die because Facebook does not allow links to stories that explain how tremendously successful Vitamin C works as an anti viral drug than will ever die from the Corona Virus. Any such story or resource is automatically deemed to be fake and not allowed.

Oh, James Quillian must be crazy you might suggest. The routine mainstream opinion goes like this. “The whole world knows that Vitamin C is nothing but an ordinary vitamin and people only need a tiny bit of it. Research shows that it is useless for anything else.”

Is that your opinion? If it is, how did you come to that conclusion? I ask but I already know. Conventional wisdom says that it is no good. But, where does that conventional wisdom come from?

Vitamin C as it is used by the minority of doctors who use it is the biggest threat to the Pharmaceutical industry since aspirin was discovered. It is about as cheap as aspirin has ever been in constant dollars. The widespread use of Vitamin C has the potential to seriously diminish the profits of the pharmaceutical industry because Vitamin C would replace countless expensive and more dangerous high profit prescription drugs marketed.

Why would Facebook want to aid the pharmaceutical industry when they have a profit agenda of their own?  Adam Smith, whose work was based on natural law explained that in the Wealth Of Nations.


How much has human nature changed since the 1700s?

Would you like to find the truth about how effectively Vitamin C can be used as an anti viral agent? My suggestion is to get information from the genuine experts who use it constantly as a cure and as a prevention.

Dr. Osborne is a licensed physician. Here is a video of him explaining that his previous Vitamin C video was banned on YouTube because it might cost the lives of folks who watched it.

The New York Post is an outlier within the media community and they have published the following article explaining the success of the one hospital in New York which is achieving success using Vitamin C to cure Corona Virus victims.

New York Hospitals Treating Coronavirus Patients With Vitamin C

It is in the best financial interest of Facebook to deem positive Vitamin C stories as fake. Otherwise they would not be forbidding positive Vitamin C stories.

I am telling you this as a person whose academic life is devoted to discovering the truth about things. No one within the Facebook organization knows what the truth is or really what the truth is.

Lastly, what does the phrase “research shows” really mean? It means absolutely nothing.

If I was going to launch a Vitamin C research study, the first thing I would do is to study the cases of people who how report extraordinary result after following the advice of actual Vitamin C doctors.

Below, please read the comments below. These were clipped from the video featured earlier. It has been my observation that with things that really don’t work, there are always ample detractors commenting on the useless information in the article. There are none.

When Times Got Really Weird Video. Banned on YouTube.

The truth is a hard sell. Fantasy Free Economics gains readers one at a time. Major search engines simply do not list blogs which disagree with their political agenda. As long as folks share the link to this blog and others speaking out against the grain, the truth will at least trickle into the public consciousness.

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