Sense of Entitlement

UntitledOrdinary people would have no chance of becoming president or members of congress. To win  elections, it takes personality characteristics the average person does not have.  Winning elections is more competitive than gaining in a playing slot in the NFL. Just like with successful athletes, certain attributes are necessary in order to compete successfully in politics. It takes a political personality which is similar to that of a sociopath.

Personality characteristics can be viewed on a bell curve. One ingredient to a political personality is a sense of entitlement.  The sense of entitlement is one of the important aspects of a political personality. There are many others such as little or no feelings of remorse or conscience.  A sense of entitlement is a subconscious belief that what others have rightfully belongs to you. The bell curve for sense of entitlement serves as an example. Ordinary people, like the ones in the middle of the chart are comfortable in their value which are similar to what most people possess. They have no clue that their elected leaders feel in side completely different than they do. This is why voters expect those they elect to represent them. Why wouldn’t they serve as representatives? They say the will.

Politicians are so different in mental make up that they are like a separate species.  Being childlike in their approach to government, voters believe politicians are no different than they are.  This is a huge mistake.

Americans need to adopt the delegate model of representation and lose the messiah seeking approach.


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