Seasonal Statistics For October 2

Throughout history the poor have paid tribute to the rich. Modern times are no exception. In the USA, today most of the middle class is duped into promoting their own poverty by supporting “conservatives.” Today conservative means low taxes and big government. What we end up with is combination of monetary and fiscal policies that keep profit margins elevated and wages down. The rich seldom get checks from government. What the rich get is an economy that is organized in a way where income is transferred from the bottom to top by virtue of government policy.
In a free market economy prices are allowed to fall when productivity increases. Today’s “conservatives” support government policies that rig markets in favor of the rich who control legislation in congress and dictate day to day policies to government.
The recent Federal Reserve initiative focused on elevating stock prices is as close to a direct wealth transfer as anything imaginable. Here government is guaranteeing profits on investments. Sadly, the poor and middle class do not see this as costing them anything. For the most part Republicans are supportive of these kinds of wealth transfers.
True conservatives expect government to maintain a fair playing field where economics is concerned.

Expected Seasonal Pattern Compared To Actual Trading
Historical Statistics

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