Seasonal Pattern For August 28

Being short right now, the titles of two old songs pretty much summarize the situation as I see it. “Time Is On Our Side” and “One Way Out.” There is a limit to how long robots can nurture tiny uptrends as volume continues to declines and one by one regular traders see the flaws in technical analysis dogma that evolved as a way of studying market structures which no longer exist. The robots face a dilemma or two. With lower volume, prices are easier to manipulate but it takes a minimum amount of volume to cover their costs. Robots can only profit when unwary trade with them and traders are rapidly expanding their awareness.
The world’s financial markets have been destroyed by central economic planning which prevents markets from clearing day by day. Markets will clear in a much bigger way when all tools are rendered useless by inappropriate and over use. There is only one way out and that is collapse.

Expected Seasonal Pattern Compared To Actual Trading
Historical Statistics

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