School Shootings Where are the Parents?

In aggregations of people, the reptilian brain makes all decisions. The reptilian brain does not reason things out. Once something is deemed a fact within the reptilian brain, it is generally teated as a fact no matter what.

Early in our country’s history, it was decided that all children need a high school education. A minimum level of academic knowledge is considered essential for survival in the modern world. Years ago the reptilian brains of parents everywhere received the message that this minimum level of academic knowledge is available in the public school system. There was a time when this was true. Since nothing held in the reptilian brain ever changes that notion is still what decides how parents think of schools. They do believe their children are being education. Today it doesn’t happen. The majority of high school students make no academic gains during their entire exposure to high school.  A little learning seems to take place but it is incidental to the school experience and is related more to growing older.

Lets suppose parents are worried that their sons and daughters might die in a mass school shooting. They might reason that the education factor is strong enough to put their children at risk of being mowed down in gunfire. Would they reason any differently if they brought the larger part of their brain into commission? What is the point in putting a child at risk of being killed in school if they aren’t learning anything anyway? The larger brain can override the reptilian brain and does on rare occasion. Usually it is activated by stress.

If parents started removing their kids from school because of school violence, the whole problem would disappear. Why? Schools receive a huge dollar amount from the government for each child who attends on a given day. When parents pull their kids out, the money is not received. This is why schools are so strict with attendance. They lose big time when students don’t show up. No, there is not a direct connection between attendance and the chance of violence. But, self interest is an amazing thing. Solutions evolve almost magically from unexpected sources when the goals of self interest are at stake.

There are truancy laws. Parents might get thrown in jail for removing students from schools. The question has to be asked, which is better, going to jail or exposing a child to the danger of attending school? It does need to be noted that statistically there is still very little chance of anyone being mowed down with gunfire at a school.
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