Republicans Love A Scoundrel

It is popular to criticize the “Military Industrial Complex.” The true villain is the Government-Media Complex. Both are terrified that your opinions and behaviors will not be properly managed. Have you ever wondered why the chaos in Iraq is never mentioned on the news or Ron Paul is left out of so many media political discussions?
The Republican Party is terrified that Ron Paul will defect and run as a third party candidate. The Republican Party establishment is actively trying to sabotage his participation as an honest candidate in the primaries. Why would Ron Paul not run as an independent when his own party is trying to cause him to lose in the primaries?
If you are confused as to why GOP would do this it’s because you don’t know Republicans. Republicans love a scoundrel. They have found a true scoundrel in Mitt Romney. Don’t be surprised that they want to crown him king.
Mitt Romney is a lifetime recipient of corporate welfare, or a corporate welfare bum as he is called by the American Spectator.

So Republicans, here he is, Mitt Romney a scoundrel, and he is all yours.

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