Republicans at War

Oddly most Americans appreciate the Republicans as a party of conservatives. Belief is that as soon as the time is right, Republicans will reduce the size of government and move the country towards a reliance on free markets. Nothing of the kind has ever happened.

Now that the mid-term election is over Republicans have declared war on their constituents. These representatives are confident their faithful will forget by the time the next election rolls around. Why would they worry? The promise to carry out a conservative agenda has worked every year since Calvin Coolidge.

Commons Sense Economics writes continually about the importance of how things are defined. The Republican Party is defined as “the conservative party.“ So, the Republican Faithful always vote Republican. That is all it takes.

When studying aggregations of people, herds if you prefer, thinking is minimized down to the least amount possible. Count on this principle when studying politics and macroeconomics.

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