Replacing Obamacare the Difficulty

The American People are extremely stupid. They still believe The Affordable Care Act is about healthcare.

Who wrote the Affordable Care Act? Was it Obama? Was it a group of citizens? How about bunch of lawmakers? No one knows exactly who wrote the bill. We do know that citizens and their representatives had nothing to do with it. The bill was written by lobbyists who wanted to create a feeding frenzy for their clients. To be specific, organized crime hired the lobbyists and they bought the cooperation of both Republican and Democratic lawmakers.

How is this possible? It takes a huge level of stupidity on the part of the general population. The public still believes Obamacare has something to do with healthcare. It doesn’t. It is a bill requiring the purchase of insurance. Obamacare provides ways for the mob to extract for themselvesĀ  a portion of every dollar spent on healthcare. It also makes certain that everyone pays, rich and poor. Senators and congressmen are in a pickle because the mob has purchased their allegiance. These kinds of deals are hard to back away from.

The difficulty in replacing this bill is that all it really amounts to is theft. How do you replace a bill that thieves wrote with another bill where the same amount can be stolen and make it easier on the victims at the same time? I am not sure it can be done.

The only reason to replace Obamacare is to avoid confrontations with organized crime, which pretty much owns government. The country is better off without any law of this kind. It could take Americans years to figure out that that Obamacare has nothing to do with healthcare.

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