Predatory News

Fake news is not an accurate term. Predatory news is better. Mercenary news may be an even better term. Both apply. This is another case of folks fixating on how an institution is defined and being oblivious as to how it actually functions.

Informing the public is the ostensible purpose of the news media. When an interview is done, there is a result that is desired. Often the result is to hurt or even destroy someone. When a lie is told, yes the news is fake. The lie was told because the news media it is predatory and the lie is instrumental in accomplishing a goal.

On whose behalf does the news function as a predator? That is where the word mercenary comes in. The news media acts as an aggressor on behalf of who pays them. If the tech industry wants to import consumers and low priced labor, the news media acts as a mercenary and a predictor on its  behalf.


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