Possible Outcomes

ooSeveral weeks ago I made the observation that central banks are buying stocks outright in order to keep equity prices moving up. This replaces the older system of working with privateer firms for the same purpose. The change has occurred because, even getting advance information from the Fed, the program has turned unprofitable for the privateers. The Federal Reserve can no longer offer them risk free trading.

To keep prices moving higher, governments now must acquire and hold stocks. There are only two possible outcomes. Either so much selling comes in that they can’t absorb the supply and the market crashes sooner or they continue buying stocks until government owns enough stock to control what large corporations do. To do this they don’t need anywhere close to 50% of outstanding shares. In most cases 3% is all it takes. In the latter case, the market crashes later. There is a remote chance the public will, wake up and notice their income and wealth are being stolen. The economy has been destroyed and it is only a matter of time before the rank and file figure it out.

Make no mistake, fascism is a form of socialism although it is seldom discussed that way. Think of it as top down socialism. Fascism has been ushered in by the country’s conservative brethren. Only a level playing field is good for the country. Pro-business is not compatible with the fee market philosophy.


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