Poor People Wanted

Interesting is it not, that after spending roughly 40 years robbing the poor and middle class of their productivity bonus and using government policy to keep wages as low as possible, the elite are bound and determined to import as many poor people as possible from Mexico and the Mid East. These folks love poor people so much, impoverishing those already here is good help-wantednot enough.

By the way, for anyone who is interested, I am always happy to explain how Federal Reserve policy, especially quantitative easing have kept profit margins high and real wages low. I have done it many times before. Just let me know.

Notice that the initiative and plans for flooding the United States with immigrants has started at the top. Low wages and rock bottom borrowing costs makes happy campers out of billionaires and big government Republicans and Democrats.

Always remember that there are immigration laws on the books. Flooding the labor market with cheap labor requires that current law not be enforced. This is not unusual for the class that lives above the law. If a law hurts the bottom line, just use political power to cause authority to ignore the law,

For all that is said about Mexican Americans wanting an unabated flow of Mexicans coming into the country, the Hispanic population over all is not that vocal on the issue.  Among ordinary citizens, there is no push for amnesty, fast track to citizenship or anything else. The entire immigrant movement is devoid of actual poor and working people.

An open border in a free market country would be a blessing to all of us but we don’t have a free market economy. Complete unconditional unilateral free trade is a blessing to any country with a free market.

The nature of the U.S. economic system is similar what Germany had just before WWII. This is fascism which is a partnership between big business and government. In the United States government policy is creating poor people at a blistering pace already. Apparently that is to few and not fast enough. The elites, or your betters if you prefer, are pushing government to import poor people from other countries.



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