Political Medicine and Life Expectancy

Political Medicine and Life Expectancy PDF Version

Do we have classic socialized medicine in the United States? Do we have national healthcare inspired by European Democratic socialism? What we have is political medicine. With socialism goods and services are rationed by something other than price


Who gets what or how much in terms of healthcare is determined by political power. Those with little or no political power have get very little to none in terms of healthcare.

How does ObamaCare kill? It turns doctors into clerks and patients into commodities. Insurance plans are actually life management plans and have no characteristics of genuine insurance. Under Obamacare preventive healthcare comes down to starting patients with anointed maladies on big pharma life extending prescriptions drugs. Doctors no longer talk to patients about genuine preventive measures like losing weight.

A doctor’s role is no to mine for problems to exploit on behalf of the huge financially powerful firms which lobbied for decades to get the pill passed. After those are found, any other patient issues are explained away, postponed or ignored.

Doctors now act as agents of the state helping to carry out national healthcare agendas. From your doctor, do you get his opinion or a political opinion? Truth is not used in politics. So, is truth used in medicine?

This is why the death rate in the U. S. is increasing. It is going to get a lot worse. When was the last time you can remember a bad law being repealed in the United States?



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