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bbA political event like a presidential or congressional campaign can be easily explained with some analogies.

Pigs don’t leave the trough as long as the farmer keeps throwing in slop. Corporations and the politically powerful do not leave the trough in Washington as long as they are allowed to lobby, pass pills and force citizens buy their products and services.

A world champion hog caller and winner of countless hog calling contests  explains why she always wins. “You have to have appeal in your voice as well as power. You have to convince the pigs you have got something for them”best

The politicians in the race need to have appeal as well as power in their voices when they talk to voters. They have to convince the voters they have something for them.

When pigs run in races, the reward that is offered is one Oreo cookie placed in a trough at the end of the track. Only one pig gets the cookie but all the pigs compete as if each one had a realistic chance to eat the cookie.ballot_box_3192711b

Voters are like the pigs in a pig race. They vote for candidates thinking there will be some personal benefit for each of them.  Benefits are like the one cookie that goes to the pig that wins the race. Voters all think they have a chance of getting benefits from one of the candidates. For most, no benefits are forthcoming.

In the end the pigs get used for purposes that suit the farmer. Citizens end up getting used by the politicians who get their votes.

In an election incentives parallel the incentives pigs have in going to the trough, getting called by a farmer, serving the farmer’s interests in the end and getting nothing for their time. Most eventually get butchered.b

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