Understanding QE and Economic Stimulus

Government intervention in the economy boils down to stealing the interest on granny’s savings and giving it to Goldman Sachs. That is the essence of Federal Reserve Policy in this century.

Soon the world’s central banks will start aggressively buying stocks with no apologies. Some already are. Stimulus is never anything other than shifting the impact of economic trouble away from the politically powerful and putting the burden on the rest of the country.

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Tear Down The Statues!

Take all of the statues in the world dump them in the ocean and I won’t care a bit.  Icons have no place in the reasoning process. Get rid of them all and a few folks will feel better and others will experience sadness. Personally I have serious things to think about, like what our military is doing today.

How much sense does it make to tear down a statue of Robert E. Lee for being on the wrong side of slavery while today’s military is killing countless people and has killed millions of people in the Mid East all for corporate profits?

So, you are ashamed of the Confederacy for trying to preserve slavery. But, it doesn’t bother you in the slightest, that our military is currently doing more immoral things than the south ever did.  Total Mid East Casualties are somewhere in excess of 1,200,000. With all of these casualties not one person has been set free and not one functioning democracy has been established. That number is greater than what the United States has suffered in all of its wars put together.

1,200,000 plus have been killed so that the United States can control the natural resources in that part of the world.

It strikes me as a little odd that there is such a large movement devoted to tearing down remembrances of early Americans who are perceived to have been on the wrong side of an issue when our current military operations are far more immoral than anything our ancestors ever participated in.

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It Is All About Animals

There is a short cut to being right about economic issues. Stop studying human beings as if they were an anointed species just a step below divinity. Do this and you will begin to understand all of what is going on in the world.

The next step is to accept total uncertainty as reality. Then watch the animals as they go about replacing that reality with euphemisms and fantasies. No one knows what life is. No one knows what death is either. All animals survive by consuming living things. The animals which do the best are the ones who do the most killing. The most prolific beasts at consuming living things and killing are human beings. Humanity is such an efficient killer that  killing is done by a small number of human animals. But, the numbers are there.

Accept  these things and it becomes clear that self interest is the universal incentive. There are no other incentive in play with respect to government. Why do politicians run? They run to get what they want and that is usually power and money. That is why you end up with no representation. After casting a vote, you are of no use to those you elect. The representation you feel entitled to goes to others who are more useful to the office holder.

These are the cold hard facts. Just know that if you expect government to provide more certainty in your life, you are harming yourself and making yourself available to be a sucker. Certainty does not exist. What does not exist cannot be provided. Watch human activity just as if you were watching an aggregation of other animals and it is no trouble at all figuring out what is going on and even what is going to happen next.

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The End of Keynesian Economics, Hopefully

A an economist, I explain things in one or or two sentences. Keynesian economics has never had a chance of working, not in the United States and not in the world. Why? It is missing two critical ingredients which are assumed to be present but are missing. First, governments are not capable of making economic decisions. Second, a straw man is assumed but there is no such thing. That is two sentences but either statement would suffice.

So, what does a Keynesian solution actually accomplish? There is a feeding frenzy, based on personal gain, to benefit from newly available government money. Income and wealth are transferred from the bottom to the top. The free market principle of out with the old and in with the new is thrown out the window. Resources are allocated increasingly inefficiently until a recession, worse than ever occurs.

So, let us suppose the finest Keynesian model created by the most learned Ivy League economist is used. What happens in that case? The same thing happens as would, if the world’s finest astrologer came up with a plan. Neither has any utility to society. I will say that astrologers charge very little for what they do and they are a lot of fun to listen to. There might be a slight bit of utility on the part of the astrologer based on entertainment value.

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Financial Markets Reminder

Below are some points to remember. At no other time in history has there been wealth concentrated in so few hands. Never before has there been the sophistication and tools for effectively managing stock prices for the personal gain of a small segment of society. Never before has government kept markets for goods and services from clearing. In a free market based system out with the old and in with the new is normal and necessary. Government stimulus prevents that process from taking place. Stimulus prolongs the lives of antiquated businesses for which there is waning demand for their goods and services. Stimulus is a political tool which is very successful at protecting the wealth and incomes of a small portion of society. In doing this, resources become more and more mis-allocated until an economy cannot grow any more. The United States is at that point now.

The market will crash. The sooner it crashes the greater is the possibility the country will survive. Make no mistake there is a consortium which manages stock prices for their member’s benefits. Do I know their names? No, that kind of relative information is not known in the present moment. It is not knowable. The fact is, a market could not rise in such an orderly way if it wasn’t managed. For government to enhance asset values, it is not necessary that the government announce an official program specifically for that purpose. Much more is done by government in a completely unofficial way than by using the halls of congress. The stock market is rising currently because central banks are buying. There is no other reason.

There is much talk these days about a huge impending correction coming soon. Probably a record number of articles have been written to that effect over the past six weeks. Some of these articles are on the level. Others are written for the specific purpose of drawing in short sellers prior to the the early fall which historically is the weakest time of the year.

Chances are, there will be selling pressure. For the market to crash, however,supply will have to be way more than the central banks anticipate. Any outright crash will have to be sudden and before the central banks and their anointed friends have a counter plan. For the good of the country, we should all hope that kind of crash takes place. If the selling is at all orderly, central banks will simply buy up supply. They may even opt to try and manage a controlled correction. Certain central banks already have enormous equity holdings. Do they want to take losses on those holdings? No, so they will keep pumping money into those holdings to keep the prices rising.

There is an additional possibility. The general public could wake up and realize they are being fleeced. A realignment of political power could have a huge impact. Chances are better that the bull market will end when there is hard evidence the economy has been destroyed.


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Passive and Active Mooching

Not all mooching is the same. Passive mooching draws ridicule. Welfare mothers are passive moochers? A passive moocher does not lobby for benefits but uses current law to take advantage of existing opportunities. Not once in history have the poor lobbied Washington or begged to be taken care of.  The poor will accept food stamps, medicaid and welfare but have had no role in causing laws to be passed.

Active mooching is another story. For active moochers, mooching is a full time effort. Active mooching means going to congress constantly to get laws passed which increase one’s income and wealth.

Federal Reserve policy is what it is because of relentless active mooching. Zero interest rates give corporations a huge ongoing discount on everything they buy. Stock prices are driven higher, real wages are kept low and higher prices tax everyone else through inflation. Home buyers get mortgage rates for about 2% less than what the free market rate would be. This comes out of grannies retirement savings. So that active moochers can have low interest rates granny get little in earnings on the money she saved.

Government spending always favor groups who are huge campaign contributers.

Active mooching is not just aggressive. It is ruthless. Wars are fought for profit.

A favorite activity of conservatives is that of working up into a sanctimonious frenzy and pointing fingers at food stamp recipients and others getting passive benefits. That might be a lot of fun but it doesn’t help solve the country’s economic problems. With all of the active mooching going on in Washington, the absence of the passive moocher might not even be noticeable.

The rich never lobby for less spending or smaller government. They benefit from increased spending and large government. Otherwise they would.

At the very top of the income scale, virtually all wealth and income is gained by active mooching.  The benefits derived from active mooching become less and less moving down the income scale. The lower middle class and the poor get no benefit at all but actually contribute to the wellbeing of their more prosperous brethren.

Some examples of low end active mooching are government employees, all of whom are paid more than they would earn for the same job in the private sector. Incomes in the healthcare industry are elevated. There are man others.

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Are You Out Mooched?

Governments form for the loftiest reasons. Who would feel safe without a government with armed forces? Without government who would guarantee rights of citizens and administer justice? Questions like these are taken into consideration when governments are formed and organized.

After a government begins, these noble considerations give way to the instinctive propensity of predictors to attempt to live off the efforts of others. Governments based on democratic principles, give all who live there a platform off of which they can mooch off of everyone else. The propensity to mooch is so strong that very few people will work before exhausting every opportunity to live of the efforts of others. Close to 100% will deny having any interest in mooching and will proclaim that it is others who do that. But they will and do mooch regardless.

In the republic today there are three identifiable camps. There are right wing socialists, left wing socialists and others with no political power. All groups want to mooch but only the politically powerful have the means to do so. Even folks with no political power refuse to give up perceived mooching opportunities in favor of a free market society. This all makes it hard to keep free market principles in place. The propensity to mooch is instinctive and part of nature. The process is so ingrained that attempting to mooch feels as normal as putting a coat on when it gets cold.

Left wing socialists make no apologies for who they are and what they want. Right wing socialists are the conservatives. Oddly right wing socialists do the preponderance of mooching in the United States today. This is largely done by equating pro business with pro free market as a way to get away with it.

Have you ever asked why the rich never lobby for smaller government? The reason is that their wealth comes from passing laws that enable and promote mooching at their level. As government grows, the rich get richer off the process.

Notice how conservatives spend their time. Where pro-life is concerned, they work tirelessly to restrict abortions and make them illegal. They are very successful in this regard. Conservative work hard in the name of second amendment rights. The have many success at preserving their rights and establishing new ones such as open carry.

Conservatives profess to be in favor of free markets but do absolutely nothing to get laws that destroy free markets repealed. Why do conservatives have no initiatives with respect to establishing free markets? Conservatives do most of the mooching in the country today. To go with free markets each conservative would have to give up his own personal mooch.

Who would benefit from a free market? The poor and middle class would benefit first because income opportunities would expand. The extremely wealthy would be hurt very badly because a great deal if their prosperity comes from mooching. In the end the vast majority benefit from a free market system.



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The Big Mooch

Government provides a way for citizens to mooch off one another. The more political power a citizen has, the more mooching can be done. Politically powerful people do the preponderance of mooching. Those with little or no political power get few opportunities to mooch but still expect to draw benefits by virtue of being part of the population. There are a number of programs that benefit select poorly paid or non-working member of society. For the poor and middle class mooching does not have a net benefit.

Notice that government never shrinks in size. Spending never decreases. No proposals are ever made to decrease spending. No efforts are made to establish free markets. Talk of doing these things is constant but it is only talk.

Citizens identify themselves as liberals and conservatives but both favor policies they perceive as enabling mooching by the group they belong to. The country consists  of multitudes of socialists. There are liberal socialists and conservative socialists and a handful of powerless people like myself who are strong free market advocates.

I explain over and over again that economic, social, and political problems have very simple solutions that can be explained in one sentence. Long theories and complex explanations emerge not out of necessity but because the simple solution is deemed unpleasant.

All human behavior is rooted in the laws of dominance and subservience. All actions are based in self interest which makes survival possible. All predictors have a strong propensity to live off the efforts of others.  Even lions search for an already dead carcass before expending the effort to hunt. Humans are no different.

The wealth of individuals depends on the ability to live off the efforts of others. This does not have to be theft. Hiring others to carry out one’s will is still living off the efforts of others. It is just a very noble way to go about the process. When government is available to be used as a tool, countless dollars are made by passing laws that give one person an advantage over another. While virtually everyone professes to favor free markets, they seek to remove themselves from the constraints they want others to be bound by.

The result is that free markets slowly disappear. Even if the chance is illusive, citizens are not willing to give up the perceived opportunity to mooch or live off the efforts of others.

The United States is largely treated as a free market country but it is actually a top down socialist operation. Old style socialism emphasized trying to even out income distribution in ways that ostensibly benefited the poor. With top down socialism government is used to divert income and resources from the poor and middle class  and channel it to anyone who has the power to control government.

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New Pillars of Manipulation

Since 2006 I have been writing that the purpose of Federal Reserve policy is to elevate asset values on behalf of the world’s most politically powerful citizens. This is the only agenda the Fed has and it is the only agenda it has had for many years. I am very careful to study institutions and people according to how they function and disregard how they are defined. The Federal Reserve has never had a policy, theory or anything else that had one iota of a chance of bolstering economic activity or doing any good for the common man.

The various programs from 2008 forward have all had the purpose of protecting the assets and incomes of those wealthy enough to buy the Fed’s services.

It is said that the Federal Reserve is out of tools for the stimulating the economy. It never has had any tools and never will because they don’t exist. The Federal Reserve still has plenty of tools for manipulating the stock market and those tools will be used. The greatest tool the Fed has for all of its activitis is the extreme stupidity of United States citizens who have for generations been trained to promote their own poverty.

Anyone following the stock market will notice many articles these days about how vulnerable the stock market is. Corporations like Bank of America and Goldman Sachs are constantly putting out statements of impending doom. These kinds of commentators are members of the Deep State and are in good standing. Everything written about the vulnerability of financial assets and the overall economy is absolutely true. That doesn’t mean asset prices are about to tank immediately. When articles and statements of this nature appear in abundance, it means there will be a new attempt to goose the stock market. The more negative sentiment there is the more short positions will be initiated. Short sellers are important buyers for the next leg up.

So what will be the essence of next stock market stimulation. Squeezing shorts will be an important element to start things off. Central Banks have already been buying equities. The emphasis will now shift towards governments buying up the factors of production on a worldwide basis, What is the Deep State other than a way to control control the economic activity of the entire globe?

Add together closely held stock of Deep State members to what governments can be enticed to buy through their central banks and total control is complete. How does a group take over the world? The Deep State already owns the United States of America as well as most other economic powers. Central banks are simply directed to start buying masses of stock outright. By virtue of owning the world’s largest governments plus stock they already own privately and the Deep State will own the factors of production.


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The Next Stimulus

First, what is stimulus? Stimulus is a way rich folks with plenty of political power  protect and add to the value the value of their assets. Stimulus also prevents powerful producers and vendors from suffering from decreasing demand for their goods and services. Despite all of the lofty reasons for the Fed doing this that or the other, stimulus is a politically driven agenda. Fiscal stimulus enriches powerful corporations which benefit from the activities, that are chosen for government projects. There is a net loss to society.

Another way to understand stimulus is to know that it really boils down to giving huge amounts of unearned money to the rich under the premise that money spent at the top will create activity within the rest of the economy.

The Federal Reserve cannot lower interest rates any longer. We are at the point where defaults will start occurring. Because of that, rates will start to rise regardless of what the Federal Reserve does. As it is, the Federal Reserve is under a political directive which says, do not let asset prices fall for any reason.

Central banks around the globe have been buying stocks outright for sometime now. When stocks start to slide, they will buy more.  At a moment of crisis, the United State’s central bank will announce that they are initiating an emergence equity buying program. to save the world. The reasons given will be similar to those used when the TARP bill was passed in 2008,

After the Federal Reserve announces a program to buy stocks “to save the economy”, they will not stop unless they are forced to.

Remember, the mentality in the United States is that the Federal Reserve and its policies are good and necessary. Ordinary Americans are actually being completely fleeced but they are completely unaware that their troubles have anything to do with the Federal Reserve.

Yes, the Federal Reserve is already supporting stock prices. Announcing an official program to do so, will enable them to buy huge  quantities of stock with the public cheering them own. That will be much more effective than buying stocks while pretending not to.

There is a good reason why the new stimulus will be nothing more than buying stocks. High asset prices are all that are all that is holding the economy up. Even a 10% correction would spin the whole country into a deep depression.

The public will be fleeced at much higher levels than it currently is.

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