Should Facebook Face Second Degree Murder Charges?

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Should Facebook face secondary murder charges? In my opinion, yes!

Why, you might ask? Second degree murder charges are routinely filed for lesser reasons. You might also wonder why such a nice pleasant corporation is guilty of second degree murder charges. I am about to explain. Continue reading

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Why Things Are The Way They Are Today

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The wheel evolved around 5000 years ago. Notice how life has changed since then. Then there was the advent of the sail. Life completely changed again. There was the development of the steam engine followed by the internal combustion engine followed by flight. Life hasn’t been the same since.  All of these developments greatly enhanced the lifestyles and well being of mankind. Continue reading

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The Most Important Thing

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The stock market is the overwhelmingly most important thing in the world for the 10% who own 85% of all stock outstanding. The 100 or so richest people in the world actually are your real government. Americans are busy believing otherwise and promoting their own poverty. Folks in the U.S. are trained from birth to think like they do. Continue reading

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U.S. Government, You And The Virus

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What is the primary worry of the elite in and outside of formal government and government agencies?  Their greatest fear is that it will be discovered that we do not need them. Do Americans and citizens of other countries benefit from all governments pulling out all stops in efforts to “protect” everyone from the Corona Virus?  Perhaps they do during the first month or so of government actions. Continue reading

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Stock Market What To Expect From February 27, 2020 Forward

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With all of the talk about the virus, it is tempting to attribute the market drop to that alone. The virus situation is something that would have an effect of financial markets. The root cause, is entirely different.

The magnitude of the decline is rooted in 40+ years of central economic planning. You have heard references to the wealth effect for years. What we are seeing these days is a the beginning of the reversal of the wealth effect. Continue reading

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History’s Greatest Cash Cow

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History’s Greatest Cash Cow

Federal Reserve policy is and has been all along been a political directive to elevate and maintain asset prices, especially stocks.

Nature provides just one basic incentive, self interest. In economics studies and models, the incentive to serve is assumed into existence. In the real world there is no such incentive. Continue reading

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Coronavirus and the Logic of Government Action

Governments around the world are quarantining citizens and for the most part citizens see themselves as being protected by their respective government.

Does this make sense? Sure, given a world population that has completely submitted to their respective  governments and who are routinely rejecting the democratic process. Continue reading

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Stock Market For 2020

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What is misunderstood about the stock market is an almost universal lack of understanding of what actually causes it to move higher and why there is seldom a correction. Countless highly intelligent analysts base forecasts on both technical and fundamental analysis.  Hedge funds base their decisions on what has always been useful in prior days. Hedge funds are losing.

The stock market will not go down just because supply is greater than demand. Continue reading

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A Nation Of Fools

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What we have in the United Sates is a multitude of fools. What is a fool other than one who bases his life on things that are not  true because the truth is too daunting? What is meaningful to a fool? Why that would be entertainment and engaging in mindless fantasy. Politics comes down to seeking political messiahs and virtue signaling. The role of citizen in a democracy, is to take authority over government and leaders. American citizens do just the opposite. Continue reading

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The Affordable Care Act as a Cause of Death

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The Affordable Care was passed in 2010. It took the law a few years to become fully implemented. Lifespans of Americans began declining in 2014 and continue declining today. Count on this trend to continue into the future.

Declining lifespans are explained away as being due to things like suicides and drug overdoses. Continue reading

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