Democrats 2020

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The Democrats face a huge problem in winning the presidency in 2020. All of what each of them suggest that government do, are not possible for government to do. Self interest is the motivating force behind everything that is accomplished by government. Normally, this is not a problem because citizens are prone to voting their fantasies. Continue reading

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Role of Government

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One of the basics of Fantasy Free Economics is that institutions and individuals are treated according to how they function and not how they are defined. So, it is natural that I explain the role of government in a different light than is generally popular.

What is the role of government in our lives? Government is always given a lofty definition and noble purpose. The one below is typical. Continue reading

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It Is Much Worse Than It Looks

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The mention of the Plunge Protection Team is a trial balloon. How much in the name of bailouts is the public willing to swallow? Suppose the public turns out to be less than enthusiastic to the idea of of serving a giant crime syndicate for a few more decades?  Does that mean no bailouts? That would only mean more force would have to be used to convince the public to be more patriotic. Who knows? The public might swallow the whole thing. Americans are trained from infants to promote their own poverty. They have been doing just that enthusiastically since the middle of the Reagan administration. Continue reading

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The Snake Like Minute By Minute Chart Pattern

This is the minute by minute of GOOG.  Notice the huge gap up on earnings news. After the gap up, the price goes into a long snake like pattern. Normally it gets goosed at the end of the day. Sometimes goosing is not enough and it drops back anyway.

Patterns like this would not exist in an honest market where price is determined by normal buying and selling. It terms of manipulating stocks, it is a whole lot easier to stabilize a price than it is to cause it to keep going up. Continue reading

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They Are Not Going To Quit

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If the stock market drops, the Deep State is out of business. So, the stock market is not going to drop. As a matter of fact priority number one in Washington is to make sure the Deep State stays in business. The Deep State only faces two dangers that I can think of. Although unlikely, the public could wake up and discover that the Deep State is a crime syndicate. The public is controllable because the Deep State owns the media. Continue reading

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Eyes On September

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How could there be so many signs of an impending recession and bear market with stock prices still flirting towards making new highs? That question is hard to answer if it is assumed that mom and pop along with the hedge funds and other normal investors and traders are driving the market up. “How about this bubble?”, you might ask. “Who are these guys, buying stock when the economy is on the verge of falling off a cliff?” To see it this way, all we have to do is figure we have all the information available and there is nothing going on in the world that we don’t see or understand. Continue reading

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New Dynamics For Ruling The World

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Confusion abounds when folks lose sight of the overall picture. A look at history’s long timeline reveals that for every period in every era, some entity is attempting to take over the whole world. Empire building has always been part of history. The list of Empires that have come and gone are so many, I only recognize part of the list. At any given time there is and has been at least one government so strong it has routinely imposed it’s will on the rest of the world. Continue reading

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What is the Deep State?

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What is the Deep State?

The Deep State is network of politically powerful people and organizations who dictate policy to all of the major governments of the world.

From Wikipedia:  “The concept of a deep state suggests that there exists a coordinated effort by career government employees and others to influence state policy without regard for democratically elected leadership.”

Is the Deep State a conspiracy? Continue reading

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Your Punishment For Believing Lies

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I have a saying. When a lie is told, there are two guilty parties. There is the liar of course. Then there is the party for whom the truth is not good enough.  Without that arrangement few lies would be told.

The punishment for believing lies is suffering.  Continue reading

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Understanding the Liberal Political Mind

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The liberal political mindset is not based on learning, education or intelligence. It is an instinctive response to leadership. Social evolution and physical evolution work side by side but they don’t evolve at the same pace. When the concept of freedom for the common person emerged prior to the American Revolution, life and opportunities started to change. People were able to entertain the concept of freedom but most everyone continues to respond instinctively to authority. Worshiping leaders and government is biologically normal. The instinctive mind treats government as a parent and expects to share in what the group produces, just like a child expects benefits from mother and father.

In today’s world, there are few conservatives in politics either as voters or elected representatives.  The conservative movement is rhetorical and virtue seeking is the primary activity.

Under extreme circumstances, human beings will choose to override their instinctive behavior.  This is what happened in the late 18th century with the American and French revolutions. Something like that may be occurring currently but it is too early to tell.

For certain,  the goals and aspirations of the liberal mindset are not achievable through government. Instinctively, citizens are highly prone to assume a subservient role to government and leaders.  The instinctive posturing towards government, while being the best option when mankind was enslaved, destroys democracy.

People can only control some of what they think and do. Just know that the things liberals want from government, given natural law are not doable. There is no better chance of making progress with the liberal agenda than there is of getting a dog to adapt to a steady diet of grapes and watermelon.

The truth is a hard sell. Fantasy Free Economics gains readers one at a time. Major search engines simply do not list blogs which disagree with their political agenda. As long as folks share the link to this blog and others speaking out against the grain, the truth will at least trickle into the public consciousness.

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