Organized Crime Runs Healthcare

I frequently make the case that organized crime owns the United States government. That is not so you say? Just answer a few questions honestly and you will change your mind.

Other than through the use of government, is there any other way a thief can steal your money legally? Suppose organized crime had a way to take over the United States government, would they be interested in doing so? Is there any system in place that would stop organized crime from taking over government, if they had a way to do it?

So, has your answer changed? Does organized crime own the United States government? If you are still not convinced,  take notice. Anyone can run for office, start a super pac or make a campaign contribution. Are these the kinds of things organized crime is likely to do or would do they limit themselves to running whorehouses and selling dope out of love and respect for their country?

The American mind can be conditioned to believe anything and consider unbelievably vile activities to be patriotic. Is health insurance the same as healthcare? I have never heard an American, educated or otherwise make a distinction.

Paying for healthcare is not a complicated thing for government to do. Technically all that needs to be done is have doctors bill the government to get paid for seeing a patient. The very best healthcare system is to rely heavily on the free market. Citizens will have none of that. Citizens are not smart at all in making that choice but that doesn’t mean they deserve to reamed by the mob.

I should not have to tell people that health insurance is not a synonym for healthcare. That is a simple look and see process. Strangely hardly a soul is looking and seeing. In the meantime the health insurance for everyone initiative is a gift from heaven for organized crime. The opportunities to scam and skim are endless. The mob only seemed to have had it made back in they days when they figured out how to extract members dues out of unions. The mob has respectability now. The mob is government.

Chances are, nothing good is going to happen with respect to healthcare for the next hundred years are so. When the public is given a fantasy and believes in a golden notion, only long term suffering can change minds. Look for more and more sickness and untreated maladies before expecting Trump or anyone else to fix Obamacare. The mob not only owns your government, they also own the folks who are supposed to fix things that are not working.

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