No True Conservatives

Democrats don’t pretend to be conservatives. Most Democrats I know will say “Yes, I am a liberal.” Other democrats espouse admiration for European Socialism. I disagree with 99% of all Democrats on 99% of the issues but I have to give them credit for being honest about who they are. I am talking about rank and file party members. Politicians are a different breed entirely.
Rank and file Republicans are not exactly what I call dishonest. Rank and file Republicans really don’t have any idea who they are. They simply do not think for themselves. Who decides what a Republican believes? Normally they believe whatever Fox News wants them to believe. Their minds record conservative sound bites which are spouted out as if the sound bites were their own ideas. Time and time again these buffoons elect phony conservatives to represent us all in government.
Rank and file Republicans are just what every Republican politician is looking for. Why? They are a bunch of suckers. Rank and file Republicans never get anything more than the righteous feelings they get from repeating conservative sound bites and mantras. There are so few true conservatives in this country that they are statistically insignificant.

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