No Patriots Needed

polls_patriot_with_flag_5056_783861_answer_1_xlargePatriotism is perhaps history’s leading cause of death. The great kings in the Old Testament sent countless patriots to their deaths.

The Japanese and Germans who died in World War II were patriots as were Americans, British, Russians and all others. Casualties were staggering.

Almost no wars are fought for righteous reasons, although the claim is always made.

History shows that what was considered honorable initially is often proven otherwise. Had the United States not engaged Spain in war for fraudulent reasons, the U.S. role in both world wars would be highly subdued.

What each country needs are a few citizens who relentlessly hold their own country accountable. Patriots end up enabling bad policy and brutality.

Remember the means is what determines outcomes in terms of good, bad and neutral.

Hard Times Coming, a timely tune by Curbside Jimmy

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