No Moore No More

Notice the sudden absence of new Roy More  women stories today. There is still time to round up more women. The election is still a while off. Why discontinue the assault? Where did the story go?

The story goes when it hurts the detractors as much as it does Roy Moore. As I mentioned in the last article the presidency, senate and congress are 100% filled with sociopaths acting out of self interest. The people trying to get rid of Roy Moore have no higher morals than he does.

If the Roy Moore’s critics were candidates for sainthood they would redouble their efforts. Since they are sociopaths acting solely in line with self interest, they have discovered the return fire is more destructive to them than what they are dishing out is to Roy Moore. There are just to many of Moore’s critics who grab women themselves and use belligerence to get anything else they want. Use women grabbing stories to get rid of Roy Moore and that might make it hard to get away with the practice when they want to do it. Who would be willing to give up doing these things with impunity?

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