Net Neutrality Winners and Losers

net neutrality graphicsbankWho are the losers and winners? All legislation before congress is for the purpose of rigging a market. Republicans pretend not to see and democrats believe this is the proper role of government. Every other issue in the U.S. pales that of the purposeful dismantling of the free market.

Any benefit from a bill like this goes only to the folks who wrote the bill. All bills are written by lobbyists. Has anyone noticed ordinary citizens petitioning their own congressmen to write and pass a net neutrality bill for their benefit? That would be standard procedure in a democracy or a republic.

That can’t be right, some might say, since we do in fact live in a republic. Right? The United States is defined as a Republic but if functions as something else.

The public loses every time a bill is passed. The reason bills are passed is to give the writers of the bill and economic advantage over everyone else. This is all our government does.

That can’t be? Show me an example.

No one benefits other than the parties who lobbied to have the bill passed. It is impossible for it to be otherwise.

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