Miracle Cures

I call them miracle cures because I don’t know why they work. Also, the medical community doesn’t seem to acknowledge them. My criteria for trying a cure are that there is no possible harm in trying it.
Jean and I do not bore people by talking about our health, usually. Today I am making an exception.
For 5 years I have been fighting sjogren’s syndrome and lupus.
After taking sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) for 5 days all symptoms have disappeared. I will knock on wood. There is no guarantee they won’t return. In addition, my blood pressure has dropped back to what it was in high school, with no medication.
I became interested in baking soda after reading accounts of cancer being cured by changing the blood from being acid to alkaline. Baking soda accomplishes this. The claim is that cancer cells cannot survive in a body unless it is acid based. The stories of people doing this are pretty convincing. If I had cancer, I would sure try the baking soda therapy because there is nothing to lose.
Another cure is the raw honey and cinnamon theory. Since ingesting this combination my blood sugar level has dropped to around 85 where it was previously well above 100. I don’t know why it works either.

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