Memorial Day Reminder

memorial_8119cSoldiers don’t get to pick the wars the United States fights. Just a small fraction of or fallen troops have died fighting for freedom and protecting citizens at home. Almost all have sacrificed themselves fighting to achieve the goals and aspirations of the worlds largest banks and oil companies.

WWII is frequently cited as an exception. In 1900 the United States began a war with Spain after falsely accusing them of blowing up the Battle Ship Main in Havana Harbor. Out of the Spanish American War, the United States took the Philippines from the Spanish. Hawaii was gained in a similar manor by overthrowing the traditional government and taking it as a territory.

After Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, the United States had no choice but to enter WWII. The Philippines were lost to the Japanese early in the war.  Had the United States not engaged in imperial violence earlier on, there would have been no Pearl Harbor to bomb. There would have been no Bataan death march in the Philippines. WWII would have been an option.

A good question an aspiring soldier might ask before signing up is. After I join, who will I really be fighting for?

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