Looting is Legal

Now that looting has broken out in Ferguson by both opportunists and others engaged in civil disobedience, it is a good time to explain that looting the overall population, through government is the most common task performed through government. Looting by making use of government is legal. Federal Reserve Policy extracts and redistributes so much money from ordinary citizens, the amount is unfathomable. The purpose of ordinary citizens in the minds of the politically elite is about the same as that of a cow in a dairy farm. People don’t seem to mind and most are not even aware of what is happening.
All laws passed today rig markets and transfer wealth from the bottom to the top. American citizens become impoverished but in third world nations, people starve as a result of laws passed in the United States. A good example is the requirement to have ethanol in gasoline. Grain farmers use government to force consumers to buy ethanol which raises the price of corn. American consumers pay more for products like bread and cereal but where people live on less than $2.00 per day, starvation is the result.
The situation in Ferguson is unique because it is all visible and illegal. Looting by using government is completely legal but hardly a soul knows it is happening.

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