Little Hitlers

55c41fc9169027501c6ef3bb_gop-debate-2015Every sociopath is a potential Hitler. All presidential candidates are sociopaths. There is no way to advance this far in politics without being a sociopath.  This is the most competitive event in the world. As nice as each candidate appears, every one of them is completely ruthless and will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Many forget that Adolph Hitler used the democratic process to become dictator. Mark my words both the economy and the stock market are going to get a lot worse.  Tyrants and despots rise to power when times are bad and voters are troubled.  Mark my words. The stock market is going to get much worse and the overall economy is going to completely sink. Sociopaths smell the blood. That is why there are an unprecedented 16 candidates seeking the presidency.

No, candidates don’t run for office because they love you, although it must be totally comfortable to look at it that way. All run out of self interest. That would not be all that bad if citizens didn’t insist that it is the other way around.

Ostriches are fine with sticking their heads in the sand. Euphemisms are the sand that voters voters stick their heads in.

Treat candidates as messiahs or saviors and you set yourself up to be exploited. You will be and always have been. Treat candidates as delegates and government is completely controllable.  The delegate model of representation has never been tried. It would be nice to give it a chance.

Worship your leaders and you are serving them. Treat them as delegates and they are serving you.

Here are a couple of very timely tunes tunes written and recorded by Curbside Jimmy.

Hard Times Coming
When Times Got Really Weird


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