Lies News Media and Ben Carson

news-mediaAs regular readers may know, I don’t support Ben Carson.

His recent current trouble with the media and accusations of telling lies serve as an opportunity to strengthen a point I continuously make.¬† So the news media is trying to take out Republican candidates. Is this a surprise? It could only be a surprise if the term “news media” is taken literately. “News media” is a euphemistic term as it is used today.

When the “news media” is studied in keeping with how it functions rather than how it is defined, there is a different picture. What is called media today is actually an opinion management service. Relevant news is always left out of daily reports. Currently the media is dealing with whether or not Ben Carson is always telling the truth while not reporting on genuine trouble at home and all around the globe. Is this by accident? Of course not. Opinion management is the primary activity of organizations which are called news media. Looking at it like this, there should not be any surprise that Ben Carson is under attack. The news media, functions as an opinion management service and actually prevents people from being informed. Informed people are a threat to the media, government and the current corporate structure. Real news is something a person has to uncover on his own. I do it constantly and most real news is not reported or even covered up.

My opposition to Ben Carson is based on his naive understanding of economic issues and corporatist leanings. The fair tax is always a red flag.



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