Left Right Conservative Liberal And Genuine Influences

Left Right Conservative Liberal And Genuine Influences PDF Version 

I constantly read and hear comments from respected political analysts, bright blog writers and others that the left or liberals are imposing an agenda on well meaning right minded conservatives. They say these things as if there is a genuine effort going on to impose classic socialism on Americans. Wouldn’t it be nice if that was actually the case. That is an easy fix.

Here is how things actually break down.

As I have mentioned countless times, Big Tech, Big Pharma,, Banking and Insurance completely control the flow of legislation, all government policies plus what the general public hears, thinks and bases their opinions on. This is the truth and it is scary. So what do people do with scary things? They replace them with more pleasant thoughts.

Those called left or liberal, believe in policies deemed to make life economic, legal and all other more fair and equitable. Great and as appealing as these thoughts are human nature must change in order for these approaches to be successful. None of their cited appealing outcomes will ever occur. This is socialism just as it has always been explained.

Those called right or conservatives get such enormous benefits even while they pound their chests and profess to be stellar conservatives.  In as little as an hour, the wealthy probably suck more income and benefits out of the country than the poor have received through government throughout all of history. QE alone keeps profit margins of giant corporation a high levels that would not be obtainable in a free market. QE is the source of the heavily subsidized low mortgage rate folks are used to. High subsidies are present in multiple products only the rich can afford. Corporations use government as a means of forcing consumers to buy their goods and services.  Government work pays better than anything comparable in the private sector.

Those on the right are the most prolific socialists the world has ever seen. How do we know this? What is socialism?

Socialism is the means by which something other than prices is used to allocate resources in an economy. Political power is what rations economic outcomes. So, the rich along with other Americans with incomes in the upper half plus all who work for the government have learned how to draw their essence out of the lower half by using principles of democracy.  This is socialism because political power has replaced price as the resource allocation in what was once and overwhelmingly free market economy.

There are no conservatives or liberals. We have two sides claiming the other is the cause of problems. This is while your true government which  dictates policy the to your perceived government picks the pockets of all on both sides.

Who wants the think these things?




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