Junk Politics Second Amendment Style

Today’s Second Amendment rights buffs are today’s perpetrators of junk politics. They do with rights what the creationists do with religion. The creationists take a few sentences out of the Old Testament  and make that the issue. That is junk religion. Even if they turned out to be right, so what?

The Second Amendment buffs do the same thing. Owning a gun and knowing how to use one is not an act of patriotism. Once in a great while someone uses a hand gun in self defense. That happens as it should but it is a rare occurrence. Mostly Second Amendment folks just like guns. That is fine but folks are certain that you have no interest in other rights, just gun rights. The nation’s future doesn’t depend on armed citizens holding their ground against the government.

If Second Amendment buffs really loved their country, they would be trying to repeal laws and close government agencies in order to gain back the rights the have already lost. They would lobby hard against practices such as civil asset forfeiture. They would try and prevent forced vaccinations. All other rights are flying out the window. What does that mean? It means the Second Amendment rights buffers simply like guns. That is fine. Just don’t pretend you are doing something for the country because you are not. Your gun rights are completely dependent on all of your other rights which, like the liberals you despise, you bargain away for comfort. Please don’t cry too loudly when somebody from the government shows up and takes your weapons.

Does that mean I support more gun laws? Heck no! I am just explaining why you the Second Amendment buffs are going to lose your fight.href=”http://curbsidejimmy.com/radio/The%20Grazin%20Is%20Good.mp3″>

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