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O.k., this is not an economics story. Sorry, but it needs some insight. This kid doesn’t have to do a lot to generate bad publicity. He may end up being a complete bad actor but so far what he has done off the field seems slight when compared to murder, serious gambling, child abuse and hard drug addiction which are fairly common transgressions of many NFL players.

As far as the Cleveland Browns are concerned, what quarterback in his right mind would take that team seriously.? The Cleveland Browns are a complete train wreck.  Playing quarterback on a team that bad is a lose lose situation and actually dangerous. Assuming Manziel gets released, that may turn out the be the luckiest thing that has happen to that boy.

Even if Manziel never plays another down in the NFL, he is better off being out of Cleveland. At least in that there is hope. Being a car salesman is a step up from playing for the Cleveland Browns. But, “no thanks”  is not a phrase that is used in pro football.


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