Is Sanders The Only Socialist?

quillian.netSocialism evolves out of a lack of faith in free markets. Sanders admits to being a socialist. Socialism from the bottom up normally comes from a direct pronouncement. That is Bernie Sanders.

Socialism in a prosperous country is always the top down variety. All of the Republican candidates and Hillary Clinton are every bit as socialist as Sanders. Americans have gotten used to top down socialism and usually accept the practice as a type of hybrid capitalism. In the end top down socialism is the most destructive of both types.

In a socialist society, government decides what and how much each person gets. In all cases wealth rises to the top because self interest doesn’t disappear once government takes over a task. Who has political power? Whoever that is actually benefits from socialism. So, who benefits from top down socialism? They are the big donors.

Not one of the candidates has introduced even one free market initiative. Do any of them have plans to close a government agency? One prevalent myth is the notion that members of congress and the president are there to serve the population. Each candidate runs out of self interest. Ideally they expect constituents to serve them and that is the way it turns out.

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