Is Hillary A Crook? Is Hillary Sick?

Is Hillary Clinton a crook? That alone doesn’t disqualify her from being president. Some of the most liked and respected U.S. presidents have been crooks. When we elect, a President, U.S. Representative or Senator are we not in fact hiring a thief? If that is so, why would Hillary not be a good president?

Is Hillary Clinton sick? Does she have rabies? Who says a president has to be in good health? Suppose Hillary starts foaming from the mouth and babbling? Can’t we all politely wait until she recovers and just let her finish?

Does Hillary Clinton have people murdered? So what if she does? You don’t know any of those people. Lots of world leaders have people killed. As long as it is not you, who cares?

Has Hillary Clinton sold out to Wall Street? Why would that matter? Presidents have been selling out to Wall Street for decades. Heck, Ronald Reagan began the practice of tampering with the financial markets. George W. Bush normalized the practice. Do you really want a president who is not controlled by Wall Street? Who else is going to control a president? Certainly not you.

Ninety percent of black voters intend on voting for Hillary. How could ninety percent of any ethnic group be wrong. Isn’t the majority always right?

If Hillary Clinton, was a bad person don’t you think the news media would tell you? After all aren’t they the ones with all the information?

People need to get over this fear of Hillary Clinton telling so many lies. Does a president not have to tell lots and lots of lies? How many presidents have you heard telling the truth? Don’t blame Hillary for being real good at telling lies just because she is a better liar than all of the others.

Yes, Donald Trump tells lies but he is not near as good at it. Do you really want a president who is a lousy liar? If you do vote for Trump. But I am warning you, Donald cant lie his way out of a wet paper sack. If you think that is bad, there is more and it is a lot worse. Donald Trump might hurt someones feelings.

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