In the Presence of Evil

index1One who is evil is incapable of distinguishing between the truth and a lie. The difference doesn’t matter because what is said or written is a tool. Truth is not even a consideration.

When an evil one testifies before congress, there is evil on both sides of the microphone. When the truth is told, no one present recognizes it as such. Congress is the place to go to get what one wants and get it on the backs of the public. Americans have all kinds of lofty notions about democracy but in practice it is it is cruel and ruthless.

With kings and dictators, participation in government is completely restricted. In a democracy or republic, in theory the public participates. Also, everyone has a chance to be a ruler. All governments provide a way for a privileged few to rise above the law and live off the efforts of ordinary citizens. Democracy is completely vicious because everyone is allowed to compete for elected offices. The competition is so steep, that truth and goodness are discarded early in the process.

All through life Americans are taught to trust government and that democracy is a gentle system where all end up happy. So, they are unsuspecting when asked to support the personal goals and aspirations of their their leaders. The needs of voters are not even a consideration in the minds of those who end up getting elected. Government to the evil is a means to an end as are the citizens.

Are all in congress evil? There is not guarantee that they are but it is a good bet. Those who are not evil are so few in number that they make no difference.

With government, the best liar wins. There are no better liars than those who make no distinction between truth and lies.00_logo_1

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Jean Taylor
5 years ago

Only those loyal viewers of Dancing with the Stars could find any honesty in Washington DC today.