In the Eyes of Your Betters

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Michael-Bloomberg-wikipedia-665x385Observe the world without the handicap of looking through the prism of fantasy and euphemisms and genuine insight becomes commonplace. Who are your betters and why are they called betters? Your betters are the sociopaths who make decisions for you. Why are they better? They are your betters because you worship them. Rid your mind of fantasy and euphemisms and you see them not as they are defined but as they function.
But all people are the same you declare? With a casual glance it would appear that way but an in depth look produces a clearer picture.

A small percentage of the population is born with an elevated ability to herd their peers. You can spot them in kindergarten. They are the ones all of the other children follow around. They tell others what to do and they do it. To the teachers, they are cute as a button. These little children maintain these behaviors for the rest of their lives. They grow up to be presidents, mayors, senators, congressmen and billionaires. They are sociopaths. But the people you mention have consciences you say. They actually have something else that is hard to distinguish from a conscience. They have an accelerated need to keep their self esteem elevated. They do not like to be in a position where others might think less of them.

These are your betters. It is part of nature. In their minds, they are automatically entitled to part of what you have. For them, controlling others is not a choice. They are hard wired to herd and control. If one of your betters is not controlling the lives of others, his own life seems incomplete.

Who are you in the eyes of your betters? You are a human being and you are always a resource to start. As your betters gain more and more power, to them you become more and more like a statue or a chess piece. As power becomes more and more centralized, leaders come to see your behavior and incentives as entirely manageable and predictable. At some point, their expectations of others become unrealistic. What they feel they are entitled to starts going way past society’s boundaries.

As docile as people are in front of their betters, if treated too badly, they will turn on those they have previously worshiped. In the United States today, this is what the situation is. It is the same in Europe and Asia.

Again, why are these people your betters? They are betters with respect to you because you treat them as they if they are.

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