Immigration Issue Solved

bbThe United States could stop the flow immigrates over night just by making some simple changes.

If we repealed our drug laws that would stop the drug traffic from Mexico immediately. It would also make Mexico a safer country and open opportunities for Mexicans to work in their own country. United States citizens could also lose their appetite for illegal drugs. Don’t count on that to happen.

The United States could stop using its military to control the natural resources in the Mideast. The chaos in the Mideast would subside and stable countries would evolve. The countries may not be to our liking but we would be disengaged.

The United States could revert back to a free market economy and unilaterally become a free trade nation. This would go a long way toward stabilizing economies all over the world.

Problems do have solutions but but there are trade offs.  If keeping drugs illegal and controlling the resources of other countries are that important to us, we have to be willing to live with the consequences.

The consequences are a flood of immigrants and lots of terrorism. These are choices we make.

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