Immigration Hypocrisy on the Left

When was the last time you talked to an antiwar Democrat? I am not sure there are any.  The left has no sympathy at all for the multitude of dead and dying at the hand of United States military belligerence in the Mid East. Would it not make sense more sense to stop creating refugees than to offer sanctuary in the same country that is killing them in their own lands.

But, they are pleased to take a saintly posture towards drawing in refugees from that part of the world. Never is it mentioned that these people would rather stay in their part of the world but leave because they have no defense against United States war for profit operations that have killed so many civilians that the figures out number the total United States casualties during World War II.

Of course terrorists enter the United States as refugees. To the people in the Mid East, ongoing United States military belligerence is the biggest and most costly event that has occurred in that part of the world since the crusades. It has been completely devastating to their lives.  They are at war with us. They have no bombs or airplanes. They use the only tool they have which is terrorism.

August, 30 2013, the British Parliament yielded to their constituents and scrapped plans to join the United States in a Syrian war campaign.  Had British citizens failed to control their government, the war probably would have started.  That one event probably tipped the scales just enough to keep us out of Syria.  70 percent of Americans opposed war with Syria but congress here was not impressed.

One choice we have as an alternative to drawing in refugees is to stop killing them in their home countries.

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