How Freedom Really Works

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Human beings define themselves in the loftiest possible terms. They are prone to do the same with respect to whatever authority they lie under. This is all completely instinctive. In political science and economics each individual is deemed to be a freedom seeker. Is that true? I am about to show you that is not.

How Freedom Really Works.

Years ago, I lived in such a small town, I walked to the post office which was just a few blocks away. I looked behind me and a puppy was following me. The puppy followed me into the house. We still have the dog, which is 15 yrs now.

The puppy was free to follow anyone and probably would have. I am not anyone special, I just happened to be walking by.

Any puppy is obviously programed to submit to a human being. Up to the time the puppy submitted to me, she was a free dog. She traded that freedom away and in doing so her chances of surviving and reproducing were optimized. For the puppy this was not a conscious choice. Human beings bargain away their freedom in a parallel way. For a human being this is not a conscious choice either.

The essence of of mainstream economics and political  science demands that all that people are making conscious decisions do but in reality, most of life’s decisions are made automatically just as are a dogs.

When a child goes to kindergarten and mixes with others, he learns quickly whether or not he can do things like manipulate others, get his way by force, kindness or whatever. He ends up understanding internally what his most effective way of dealing with others is. He may cozy up to the ring leader. He may be a potential ring leader and compete against others with similar aspirations. Regardless, all human beings end up submitting to one authority  or another multiple times throughout their lives.

Out of this propensity to submit comes the common practice of go along to get along. While this approach to life gets no respect, it is easily the most sure, safe and reliable  way to live an entire life with the least stress and discomfort. Truly, everyone absolutely must go along to get along most of the time. To do otherwise results in a high level of discomfort and sometimes even death. Those of us who have a an impaired ability to go along to get along live difficult lives. So, we end up pretending  to go along most of the time. The big difference is that we know we are doing it.

As the practice of submitting for comfort and benefits progresses life’s super big submission is to government. That is encouraged of course. Recently Americans received what are being called stimulus checks. A stimulus check offered to you is a request that you submit to government. Accepting the check amounts to a submission to government,

Understand please, that I had nothing to do with designing the system we live under. To me the Garden of Eden seems more appealing. But, whether or not I replace reality with fantasies and euphemisms, I know that eventually I will be forced to face reality one way or another. My choice is to face reality all of the time.


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