How Folks Become Liberals

People are born with certain personality characteristics. Anyone who has class pictures from elementary schools and remembers the kids names can pick out the classmates who grew up to be liberals. Anyone who teaches school can spot the students who will turn out to be liberals. Remember the tattle tale from school? The child who uses authority to manage the behavior of others to his liking, grows up to be a liberal.

As I have said many times self interest is what propels a person through life. Early in life some children learn they can get through life by belligerence. These are bullies. Others are naturally adept socially and begin networking at an early age. The children who grow up to be liberals are the ones who are skilled at sucking up to and pandering to authority. These are the liberals. They are the teachers pets, They are the ones who will give an apple to the teacher.

When these children grow up, the best shot they have is getting what they want from authority, basically the same way they got attention and benefits from their first grade teacher. These kids are very cute and appealing. They are like the pick of the litter.

Government is for getting, not for giving. The same human beings who could work the system in the first grade grow up to be the liberals who know how to work the system in the political arena.

The not so cute kids who go to class but never pander to authority grow up to be conservatives. As adults, they expect to be paid for their labor but neither expect or demand favoritism.

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