Hidden Agendas

We have a first  black female vice president. Is that not the ideal? Perhaps it is for awhile, but wouldn’t it be even more ideal to have the first black female president?

There is nothing immoral, wrong or unwise with having a black female president. How she becomes president is a different question.

Is there any reason why the masters in charge would not try to usher Biden,out  who is said to be struggling mentally and replace with what they would actually prefer? Will that happen? Lets keep watching.

Heard anything about Gislane Maxwell lately lately? I wonder how things are going in her jail cell these days? Any Word? Will the public’s attention be totally absorbed by some new crisis or set of overwhelming circumstances at any time in the coming future?  My guess is that that will happen. Would that not be a perfect time for Ms Maxwell to disappear in a way that that is easily explained away.

Think in moving pictures as apposed to still pictures and these scenarios tend to pop into one’s mind.

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