Gun Violence and Mass Shootings

maxresdefaultAs usual you hear a lot of mush and nonsensical reasons from political candidates and the media. Come to Common Sense Economics and you get the real reason and the best course of action.

Gun violence, mass shootings and bizarre behavior are on the increase, right? Should we  be surprised? There is no direct connection but when there is obvious crime, graft and corruption coming from those who live above the law, it does not exactly go unnoticed. Enforcing laws that apply to those at the top will have a huge impact on the issue. When one law is ignored, respect is lost for laws in general.

The poor and the mentally ill know nothing about these things, you say. How could they be bothered by things they don’t know about? They don’t have to know. They can feel it.

Your government operates like an organized crime family. Yes, people do notice even if it is not on an intellectual basis. The ones already on the edge start flipping out first. Use government to administer justice and stop allowing government to be used to exploit the unaware. Fewer folks who are close to the edge will end up going over.

Liberals want stricter gun laws. Do you really trust government to decide who can own a gun? If you do you are crazy and doing more damage that if you were already documented to be mentally ill. Government does not function as a parent. You may be instinctively driven to treat government as a parent but it doesn’t work in that capacity. That is your fantasy.

Republicans, no conservatives have spoken up, naively believe they will hold on to their second amendment rights, when they never under any circumstances rein in government. People who are unwilling to control government have no business owning guns. I am not going to take your guns. You will lose them without me getting involved. The fact is, no one who is too irresponsible to rein in government can expect to keep fire arms.

My advice to liberals and republicans alike is to study the delegate model of representation and make use of it. Continue worshipping politicians and you can expect the same results you are getting now. You can also expect more of those on the edge now to go on over as in do mass school shootings and other things.


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