Getting to Know the Neighbors

Lets suppose you have an immigrant Muslim family living on each side of you in your neighborhood. They may or may not like you. Chances are they would be polite but would limit their interactions with you. Chances are better they would pay you little mind but would hate the other Muslim family. Americans are ignorant about Islam.

The boundaries of the Islamic countries did not evolve naturally. Their borders were decided by the winners of western wars. All across the mid east groups of people are forced to live together and they hate one another. Sunnis,  Shi’ites have never gotten along. Kurds are hated by everyone in the vicinity. Any peace between the various peoples has occurred under the power of a brutal leader who has forced stability by the use of terror.

Living in peace with Muslims over here will be no easier than the lack of peace they have experienced in their own lands. When elites force people who dislike one another to live together, the results are never pleasant.

The American mind is fixated on the romanticized version of the immigrants who came here on their own initiatives prior to closing Ellis Island in 1943. The current round of immigration has been contrived for the benefits of the wealthiest Americans. The immigrants who arrive will soon figure out that the freedoms they have assumed are only myths. The ordinary Americans who champion the pro immigrant reasoning that has been handed down to them from the top will regret doing that. Communication with words takes little time. Experience take much more time but gives a much clearer picture.

When advice from the top says “Ignore statutes that are on the books because laws are meant to be applied selectively.” ; a problem is coming and that problem will be bigger than what will occur because of the new immigrants or the lack of them.

Various philosophies and lifestyles are not automatically compatible. They become compatible over time only. That is why it is bad to force mass immigration on ordinary people who neither have the wherewithal to deal with it or protect themselves if violence is what results.


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