Getting a Handle on Immigration

 If you want to talk logically about immigration, you will be called a xenophobe, Islamophobe, and a bigot for sure. For good measure you will probably be called a homophobe, misogynist and a number of other names even though the terms may not be related to the discussion. You have to talk about it anyway.

As I always do, I will break the immigration issue down to its barest and most relevant elements. The argument for unlimited immigration is something like, “we are nice people and nice people love everyone and let them into the country.” “You don’t want them here so you are a bigot.”Donald Trump hates Muslims and you are a Muslim hater also….blah blah blah,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

There are other factors that need to be mentioned. Immigration that consists of individuals and families, deciding to opt for freedom in what they believe to be the best and fairest country in the world, occurs at a fairly slow steady pace.  The immigration we have today is intentionally drawn in almost as an emergency.

I write constantly about the claws of fascism digging into the U.S. economy. The horrors of fascism begin at lower income levels. The benefits go to the rich and trickle down but not all the way to the bottom.  The pressure to force wealth and income to the top are enormous. Once the incomes at the bottom are gone, the next highest rung gets destroyed. While the elite get rich beyond imagination, they destroy their market in the process. The elite are not concerned with the comfort of folks they destroy. The poor spend every dime they earn. If the elite can add poor to the economy by leaps and bounds, they can have enough bodies to more than replace consumers who have lost their incomes.  The misery of the new immigrants is of no concern to them.

An added benefit is that the new poor population will be made up of people who will champion the causes of the rich.  The new poor will be ignorant, malleable and easy to manipulate. The new poor who are being drawn into the country represent a gold mine to the groups planning to manipulate their opinions and behaviors. Add the new poor to the mountain of mush who are the current voter base and it is all good for the elitists.

Question this process or object and you will be slapped with all kinds of horrible labels just like Trump is. Don’t question the process and you will get poorer everyday. I am going to let them call me names and go ahead and tell the truth.


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