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Dr. Ben Carson is a proponent of the Fair Tax, in order to get contributions from billionaires.


Never agree to a change in the tax code if it is not preceded by a spending cut.
Never agree to a change in the tax code if the socio-economic group you are a member of has no political power in the United States.
Without a spending cut first, any tax code change will only further hide the cost of government. It is easy to get folks to agree to spending increases if it costs them nothing extra in the immediate time frame. Taxes do have the potential of keeping voters in touch with how much government costs. Any tax that does not do this simple thing guarantees unrestrained growth of spending and government programs. A good approach would be to levy the highest taxes on the Americans who benefit most from the growth of government, lobby for new programs and push for spending increases. The world’s richest people fit into this category. What they call the Fair Tax would increase incentives to use government as a tool for rigging markets. The fair tax would guarantee the continued profitability of the lobbying efforts of large corporations. All of this is at the expense of everyone who works for a living.

How does a candidate get contributions from the richest people in the world? Support of the fair tax is the main criteria. Fair is a good word to use in the name of a new political program because people will be supportive of its content without thinking.

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