Eyes On Corruption

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Please answer the following questions, yes or no.

Does power corrupt?

Does absolute power corrupt absolutely?

Does a little power corrupt a little?

I have never known any one to answer these questions with a no answer, except  a few who purposefully felt the need to cloud the issue or make it ambiguous.

Here is another.

Does it make sense then that as power  is  increased, the level of corruption on  a continuum based on that power, also increases on a similar continuum? If power on a scale from one to ten is a ten, would corruption be at a level of ten also?

The relationship does not have to be one to one, but is it still safe to assume that the most powerful people in the world are quite a bit more corrupt than ordinary people with little or no power.

The last question is, is the president of the united states more corrupt the day after he is elected than he was the day before winning the election?

How power is obtained is an important consideration. A person with high intelligence and education is more corrupt than many others, but only by a minuscule unimportant margin. If power is obtained through the political process, corruption will be at a high level since the acquisition of power is the goal from the beginning.

Remember that the incentive to serve is only imaginary. Leaders seek power for the purpose of personal gain. No one does anything without an incentive. In the political arena, personal gain is the only possible incentive.

So, when leaders are elected, corruption is created or increased? So, are our leaders corrupt? It is impossible that they wouldn’t be. As power is taken from state and local governments and given to the federal government are we not also guaranteeing a more corrupt system?  Increase the power of the Federal Government and corruption increases right along with it.

Many may notice that there is more corruption with the European Union than was present in each and all of the individual member countries prior to its establishment.

The lesson here is that as power is created, corruption is also created in line with the power that has been created.


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