Enemies of the People

Donald Trump correctly profiled fake news operations as enemies of the people. The biggest enemies of the people are presidents themselves, followed by elected representatives, governors all the way down to state and local officials.  If the founding fathers were alive today, they would agree.  Government is for taking not for giving. The incentive to serve is completely imaginary. Self interest is the only active incentive in government.

In November 2016, Americans chose a highly ambitious billionaire over an unindicted criminal and chronic liar. Citizens made a bad choice but it was the better of the two.

The elite have only one concern and that is keeping the stock market elevated and moving higher. In the history of the world there has never been a bigger cash cow for the elite than using the Federal Reserve to endlessly goose stock prices. Federal Reserve monetary expansion is at a bottle neck. Profits have not kept pace with stock prices and quick and easy profits off of stock prices have reduced the innovative incentives that free markets guarantee. The Fed has done all for asset prices that it has the capacity to do.

Hope is that Trump’s infrastructure tax and spend initiative will take up the slack by using fiscal policy to goose asset prices now that the Federal Reserve is becoming impotent. Dropping the corporate tax rate sounds like a reasonable thing to providing no one thinks about it in any depth. The final result of that will be to tighten  the shackles that are already around the ankles of the poor and middle class.

School choice will create a corporate feeding frenzy to get a hold of newly available government education money. In the end, it will shut down the private school industry.

There are only two good ways to deal with health care. There is the free market and there is having government pay doctors directly without involving insurance companies. Neither of these systems are under consideration.

With respect to trade, the best approach for any given country is to unilaterally do away with all tariffs and trade restrictions. That idea is not under consideration.

Donald Trump now has the confidence of the American people. He will use it to his advantage.

Now that Donald Trump is president, he is an enemy of the people as is every president. A president’s role is to serve himself at the expense of citizens while making them believe he is working on their behalf.

Trump’s stimulus plan will hurt every human being on the planet if American citizens allow him to push it through. Infra structure is a nice term but that is not why the stimulus plan is on the table. Trump’s stimulus plan is wealth and income transfer just as has been every other stimulus plan in the history of the world.  That is what stimulus is for.

Stimulus is the live blood of cronyism.



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