Eating Out Of The Master’s Hand

Eating Out Of The Masters Hand PDF Version

Suppose we want to gain control over a puppy dog and obtain its enduring loyalty. How do we do it? We get it eating out of our hands.

How do persons and other entities gain control over over one another? How do individuals become loyal to others and institutions? These tasks, with respect to other people are accomplished in the same way as they are with animals.

Facebook offers subscribers a free Facebook page where they can advertise themselves, make statements and interact in countless ways. Open a Facebook page and Facebook has you eating out of its hand.

Google offers numerous free services and thus has you eating out of its hand.

Eat out of the hands of Facebook and Google and they become your masters. A puppy dog will not turn against its master once a relationship with a master is established. It works the same way with human beings.

I don’t use either so that makes me like a stray dog in danger of being picked up by the pound. What about you? It is hard to figure which way is better.




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7 months ago

Better to be taken to the pound and euthanized than to walk in there on your own.