Democracy Under Siege Free Markets Near Extinction

tombstoneIn a world that appreciates democracy, ordinary British citizens deciding an issue for themselves would be treated as a wonderful development. The current global mindset is that it is much too dangerous for regular people to decide these things. The anti democracy mindset is far more dangerous than any negative developments coming out of leaving the European Union.

Where free trade is concerned, the European Union is a hindrance to free trade. With actual free trade, British Citizens would be much better off. Goods and services would be less expensive, employment would increase. Only billionaires who use the European Union to rig markets would be better off remaining. All notions that a government can initiate programs that improve the economic lives of citizens are nonsense.

For Britain or any other country, free trade comes down to unilaterally removing trade barriers. Free trade plus free markets are the ticket to prosperity for any aggregation of people wishing to make use of the principles.

The world owes Britain a debt of gratitude for re-introducing democracy to the global political scene.

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