Democracy Is Not For Sissies

From kindergarten to graduate school the benevolence of government is never questioned. From graduate school to the grave, the benevolence of government is just assumed. Benevolence of government is completely taken for granted. All though school, students learn to establish arbitrary loyalties. “Have school spirit! Why? Because it is good. Why is it good? Just because………. ” Working together is required and deemed a natural way to interact. “Lets go to our groups.” The teachers say.  By the time a person reaches adulthood he is of the impression that government is a kind paternalistic place where good people go to make everyone’s lives better. What we have is pacified humble dumplings ripe for exploitation by anyone who offers a few kind words.

But, in the real world Democracy is not for sissies. Power hungry people compete brutally for elected offices. Self interest and not agape love is what drives the political process. Anyone can run for office. Unindicted felons are particularly attracted to positions of power. Is there a quicker path to a life above the law than to get elected to congress? An even faster way to law free living is to buy the influence of the lawmakers who get elected.

What is the most competitive activity in the world? Is it in the National Football League? No, it is the campaign for President of the United States.  Professional football is way down the list. House and Senate races are far more competitive than any professional sport.

The game of politics is so competitive, truth is not used. All of the candidates are sociopaths because only that personality type has the manipulative skills to win elections. In the end government becomes a platform to be used by rich powerful people the get even richer and more powerful.

Ordinary folk believe government is a kind and gentle place were anointed people go to do good. Perhaps for mental health reasons, it is necessary for people to visualize their government as being like a kind parent who always knows and does the right thing. In the real world it works just the opposite. When the citizens of a country believe their system of government works one way but it operates the opposite, there is not much chance anything good is going to happen to them in the near future, not with respect to politics.


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