Deep State and Legal Pot

Why would the deep state be comfortable with legal marijuana? It is a universal error to believe government consists of people doing what is right by the people who elect them. Government consists of multitudes of opportunists working tirelessly to get what they want out of the process. Do you believe otherwise? You are not alone if you do. You are part of the huge majority. What is the job of government? It is to administer justice in an unbiased manner. That has never happened in the history world. Citizens assume that it government functions as it is designed to. The public believes corruption is the exception not the rule.

Citizens function on the basis that government is a benevolent parent and that when things go wrong it is a mishap. Government only serves as a way to get things and have others pay for it. Nothing else happens. Wishing does not cause things to be true.

The more comfortable, distracted, comfortable and complacent, the more useful the citizen is to those making use of government to get what they want. What is needed out of the average American? An American best serves the deep state as a consumer of overpriced goods and services. An American is trained to promote his own poverty. Do things with the group in mind. Believe your leaders. Trust authority. Fight wars for profit. All of that is the role of the citizen.

A citizen who is stoned everyday is not going to object to much of anything or join groups for the purpose of reining in government. What about medical users? Are there really that many? Probably there aren’t.

The costs of legal marijuana to the deep state has to do with putting big pharma at a disadvantage and taking away profits from organized crime. Those are powerful entities which constantly make use of government as a business tool. Legalizing cannabis would hurt them severely. But far more in the deep state will benefit from increasing the number of mush minded Americans. Keep American comfortable. Poor is o.k. but give no one a reason to rebel. Rebels are not good resources. Go along to get along and you are just what the deep state needs to hold on to the economy. Mellowing out the population even more than it is will outweigh any benefits insisted upon by big pharma and organized crime. Mellow docile citizens make the greatest resources. Big pharma and organized crime will get out maneuvered this time The big hustle these days is in the financial markets and new crypto currencies.

The deep state wants no American thinking. If they did they would wake up and stop promoting their own poverty. Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions are in the business of selling favors while pretending to act in the public interest. Nothing will serve them better than a bunch of heads lying in the couch stoned and enjoying the good life. Keep them warm, content and stupid. They will believe anything you tell them. That is the best deal for the deep state. And, who owns your government? Certainly not you.

Legal pot is just what the deep state needs to continue shaping public behavior.


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