Daylight Savings Time

One aspect of herd living is that laws only get repealed under the most extreme circumstances. Once a law is on the books the odds of it ever being repealed are close to zero percent. Most laws do more damage than good.

There are laws on the books that have been forgotten. The newest trend is enforcing laws against some but not others. Immigration laws are enforced according to political criteria.. Above certain income levels, laws are generally not enforced.

Does this sound odd? Actually it is perfectly normal. Human beings do not engage in genuine thought where politics is concerned. They profess to be thoughtful. How do we know they don’t think?  Personally I have opted out of the herd mentality.  That is a choice anyone can make. Be fantasy free and observe.

In just a few days, the daylight savings law will kick in. Americans will cooperate completely with just a few exceptions. We stay on Central Standard Time. Jean and I don’t change our clocks. This is not an act of defiance. We just prefer Central Standard Time. We are entering a period of global economic crisis. At this particular time folks who opt out of herd living will have a better chance of surviving financially.

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