Crime is Contagious

Crime is o.k. as for secretaries of states, members of congress, presidents and so on. The probability of being prosecuted diminishes the higher up a person is on the political power scale.  This is nothing new. What is new is that folks know about these kinds of crimes and watches those at the top get away with everything from murder to gun smuggling. Innocent until proven guilty you say? That standard only applies in an actual court of law. For a case to go to trial there must be a suspicion crimes are committed. Sometimes suspicion is well grounded. In the cases of the politically powerful suspicion is explained away.

Crime is in fact contagious. Human beings broadcast and receive their states of mind. Everything people do is at least in a minor way contagious.  This is all outside the awareness of the people who receive and broadcast. Not surprisingly verbal communication is unique in that we are aware of what we are doing. People are influenced in countless ways of which they are completely unaware.

When crime is o.k. in government and with politicians this influences the behavior of ordinary people. Do things in the country seem weird? Some of those already on the edge go over the edge as a result. 

This is not clairvoyance. The communication is wordless. We don’t know what it is but we know it is there. The best way to put a damper on school shootings is to begin to hold folks on the higher end of the power scale accountable. Until laws are enforced at the top, don’t expect to see a let up in lawlessness at the bottom. Expect more school shootings. Expect other odd acts of violence. Expect chaos.

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